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Using Scent To Frame Your Day

Using Scent To Frame Your Day

A funny thing has happened to time this year. Devoid of so many of our traditional daily markers and milestones – from arriving at the office to dressing for an evening out – the hours have stretched into a single, amorphous block. When it’s physically possible to shuffle from bed to desk in a few short steps, how can we give our day some much-needed structure?

One solution: by getting strategic with scent selection, it’s possible to frame and signpost the different times of the day. Here’s how…


Whether it’s writing in a journal, reading a book or quietly meditating, starting each morning with an activity you enjoy helps to set up a happy and productive day. To clear your mind in those first few minutes, choose a scent that combines comforting notes of sandalwood, musk or lavender with uplifting citrus.

With top notes of lemon and grapefruit settling into a warm base of sandalwood, patchouli and musk, it has a calming effect on the mind that helps to direct your focus and inspire creativity.


You may be heading to an office but these days, it’s just as likely that your desk occupies a corner of your living room. Regardless of your physical space, applying fragrance helps to get your head in the game, signalling that you’re ready for business.

For a moment, you’ll be transported to first light in the Moroccan desert, as the sun rises over the majestic Atlas Mountains. The aromatic accord of lemongrass, basil and spices is immediately enlivening, while the woody drydown feels grounded and ready for the day ahead.



A vibrant and sunny scent will help you hit the ground running. Look for one that’s heavy on effervescent citrus notes, which bring focus and clarity to the mind.

It may have been inspired by a sun-baked summer holiday on the Italian isle, but Sicilian Citrus is ideal for invigorating a work day. It combines the tang of orange and tangerine with sweetly intoxicating neroli, jasmine and tuberose.


When the working day is done, a rich and layered scent imparts a sense of calm on the evening. Choose heady notes of musk, amber and resinous oud to create a sophisticated atmosphere that encourages warmth and intimacy.

Once the initial smokiness of this scent parts, it reveals a sweet interplay between delicate rose and rich oud that is at once graceful and enigmatic. Just two to three sprays will scent your space for several hours.

Original Article written by Michelle Bateman for Lumira

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