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AEDE: 10 Healthy Hair Hacks

AEDE: 10 Healthy Hair Hacks


Maybe, if you’re diligent, you might throw in a pre-shampoo treatment, nourishing mask or leave-in conditioner. But as we come to understand that healthy hair isn’t just about the products we use externally, but rather a reflection of our overall health and the lifestyles we live, we’re keen to embrace a more holistic approach.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that the building blocks of healthy hair are a nutrient-dense diet along with daily care (aka washing when dirty). Diet is vital since the thickness and structure of hair is directly affected by our diets.


But what else can we do to boost hair beyond eating right and remembering to deep condition?

  • Turn the heat down: Consider dialling down the temperature of your hairdryer, straightener or curler from high to moderate or (ideally!) low heat. This simple tweak can help to minimise styling damage.

  • Wear protection: Love a swim? Who doesn’t! Hate the straw-like hair you’re left with afterward? Same. Invest in a cute swimming cap to prevent the chlorine from zapping your hair of its own protective oils.

  • Drink more water: Like the rest of your body, hair needs water to survive. Dehydration can contribute to shedding and breakage, so ensure you cheers to two litres a day for optimal hair health and hydration.

  • Maximise your nutrition: We know nutritional deficiencies play a role in hair loss making it essential to eat a balanced diet. Beyond this, opt for fresh produce over processed to boost your overall health, too.

  • Ditch dodgy elastics: Know those hair ties with metal bits? Bin them. They tend to snag strands, encouraging breakage. A silk ponytail holder or hair coil is a better bet – they’re much gentler on hair.

  • Prioritise masking: A nourishing overnight treatment mask can make all the difference to the health of your hair. Opt for a moisture mask to battle dryness and a protein mask for brittle, bleached or damaged hair.

  • Mix it up: Wearing your hair in the same ponytail or bun every day can cause damage in the spot you always place the elastic. Alternate between styles (perhaps a cute braid?) to lessen the stress on your hair.

  • See your hairdresser: Six weekly trims can be a bit of a bore but they’re important for healthy-looking hair. Split ends can travel up the shaft if left unchecked so it’s best to snip them off on a regular basis.

  • Don’t sleep on wet hair: Wet hair is weak hair. Make an effort to dry yours before bed to lessen damage caused by friction as you sleep. For bonus points invest in a silk pillowcase – they’re gentler on strands.

  • Remember your daily dose of AÉDE Hair Activist: Our super-supplement Hair Activist supports healthy hair growth, boosts collagen production and reduces free radical damage. It can also help to prevent hair loss.
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