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Colour Services

Quarter Head

Add dimension and depth to your hair with our quarter head foiling service. Perfect for those seeking subtle highlights or lowlights, this service will enhance your natural hair colour and give you a sun-kissed look that's effortlessly chic. 

Half Head

Achieve a beautifully blended color with our half head foiling service. Whether you prefer soft, natural looking highlights or bold, statement-making colour, our skilled colourists will create a customized foiling plan that flatters your skin tone and enhances your features. 

Full Head

Make a bold statement with our full head foiling service. Ideal for those who crave maximum impact, this service will give you all-over color that's rich, vibrant, and full of dimension. Whether you prefer classic blonde highlights or trendy balayage, our expert colorists will deliver stunning results every time. 

Free Hand Balayage

Achieve that effortlessly sun-kissed look with our balayage half head service. Our skilled colourists will hand-paint highlights throughout your hair, creating a natural, lived-in effect that's perfect for those who want low-maintenance colour with high-impact results.

Make a statement with our balayage full head service. Whether you're looking to brighten up your natural hair colour or add depth and dimension to your current shade, our expert colourists will create a customized balayage look that's uniquely you.

Colour Correction

Correcting hair colour mistakes can be challenging, but our experienced colourists are up to the task. Whether you're dealing with brassiness, uneven colour, or other issues, we'll work with you to create a customized colour correction plan that restores your hair to its desired shade.

We are colour correct!

At A.H Salon, we firmly believe in the importance of healthy hair for our clients, recommending various treatment based solutions that work for you and your lifestyle. We prioritise your hair health and integrity, avoiding damage by using premium products, to ensure the best outcome to your hair.