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TID Watches Introduces No.3

TID Watches Introduces No.3

Form Us With Love in collaboration with TID Watches launches TID No.3, a lighter, optically transparent version of the staple timepiece No.1. It is the third, in a series of material explorations, sharing an instantly recognisable case design by FUWL.

‘Our venture with TID Watches is built on a desire to experiment and challenge our designs. No.3 is a material reset, taking the silhouette stripping it down to a skeletal structure, which could be seen as an interesting measure to any design,’ says John Löfgren, Creative Director at FUWL and co-founder of TID Watches.

TID No.3 is made of a thermoplastic material, TR90, which in addition to being incredibly durable, is both flexible and lightweight. This, 38 mm watch case comes in one clear finish, presented with the choice of seven well-curated watch-face colours and matching silicone wristbands

‘By introducing a clear material, our ambition is to insert a playful yet minimal element, which is easy to combine with any colour or style,’ Ola E. Bernestål, CEO of TID Watches explains.

In polycarbonate, the case becomes less predominant and cleverly sets the tone for a more personal expression. The see-through frame perfectly adapts with any wristband, adding a subtle youthful character, in rays of White, Black, Grey, Blue, Green, Pink and Orange.

With a steady development of the collection, FUWL and TID have over the past four years managed to build a platform of cases and wristbands, making hundreds of individual combinations available. The light appearance of No.3 pronounces that modularity, inviting the transparent case to be paired with coloured faces and independent styles of leather, nylon, twain and silicon wristbands.

‘It is the most affordable out of the three watches, which makes it an accessible part of the collection. By introducing a casual case, we want people to feel like they can explore personally preferred combinations as they like, in an ultimately more participatory fashion,’ says Jonas Pettersson, CEO at FUWL and co-founder of TID Watches.

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