A-H Shop | Salon is a curated lifestyle destination - as much a personal statement as a natural evolution. Whether in store or online, we have a shared mission to embrace individuality while harnessing the beauty in all walks of life.

The result is an exhibit of design choice - from salon and online experience to curated and tailored product selection. The outcome traverses between a timeless classic, discovered and bold, while always celebrating the natural.

Founded over 15 years ago, A-H Shop | Salon is a contemporary vision currently managed by Rubi, Chad, and her partner and a number of dedicated professionals. A-H is part salon, part store, part creative co-working space housed in a heritage listed building with its own 150+ year old clock tower. A-H is a larger then expected contemporary designed space with a focus on detail and a customer first mindset.

We can't wait to tell you all about Newtown and its place in our heart.