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Free Domestic Shipping on all orders over $50
Free Domestic Shipping on all orders over $50
A.H Connects with the After.

A.H Connects with the After.

the After. platform offers salon customers premium products online in the categories of hair & beauty & lifestyle. The platform has been developed and conceptualised by experienced industry personnel with a go-to-market strategy focused on expanding on established relationships between salon and loyal clients.

the After. Lightening Bolt

Clients remain connected to the salon across hair & beauty, aligned to a mutual benefit through conceptual rewards.

the After. was developed to provide salons with a competitive platform aligned with clients behavioural spending.

the After. idea was developed from a series of compelling insights.

  • The majority of clients remain loyal to their salon.
  • In-salon retail spending across hair and beauty is retained.
  • Clients retail spend external of salon environment is aligned to the salon.
  • Service loyalty is complimentary to their retail loyalty.

Using a referral strategy customers will be able to share their unique salon membership code with friends and family and further enhance salon’s partnership potential.

the After. addresses the biggest industry concern in sales growth, client retention, salon value-add and consumer engagement.

the After. further markets the salon to new and existing clients enhancing client acquisition as well as retention.

the After. platform will empower each salon with reporting insights based on consumer purchasing behaviour across the entire platform.


Salons sign-up to the platform for free and receive a % on all sales on the After. and reward clients.

the After. e-commerce platform aims to connect the hair & beauty industry with current and potential clients while rewarding salons and salon customers for their loyalty.

the After. platform will offer premium products across beauty, hair and lifestyle categories.

Salon clients will be offered regular loyalty offers via channel specific marketing focused on salons reach and clients referral.

Salons can sign-up to the platform for free and will receive a % on all salon customer sales on the After.

the After. platform will empower each member with reporting insights focused on purchasing behaviour across the entire platform, equalling market analysis.


With no cost at any point of the partnership - only rewards & passive sales channel, the After. is a compelling opportunity for any salon or sole trader. Increase your value while competing on equal terms.

Please feel free to get in touch to discover more about how your salon can connect to the After.

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